Japan's Athletes Vow to Promote Sport and the Olympic Movement

Team Japan Athlete Declaration will use the inspiration of Tokyo 2020 to inspire next generation

Buenos Aires, 5 September 2013 - Japan's athletes have unveiled a declaration to use the power of sport to enhance the development and promotion of sport and share the Olympic Values for new generations in this challenging and fast-changing era for sport. The "Athlete Declaration" issued by the Tokyo 2020 Athletes' Commission comprises a dedicated action plan including measures to support junior athletes and implement 'Drug Free Sport' programmes.

Under the Athlete Declaration, the Tokyo 2020 Athletes' Commission has vowed to:
– Promote the development and promotion of sport
– Adhere to the spirit of fair-play
– Advance international contribution and foster international exchange
– Make a strong contribution to society

With just two days to go until the International Olympic Committee elects the 2020 host city for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, 15 of Japan's leading athletes appeared at the event in Buenos Aires on behalf of the Athletes' Commission.

Yuko Arakida, Tokyo 2020 Sports Director and Chair of Tokyo 2020 Athletes' Commission, said:

"The power of sport and the Japanese people's passion for sport has inspired the vision for our bid. Our plans have been steered by the valuable guidance of many Olympians and Paralympians and the Athlete Declaration is our promise to go even further to promote and enhance sport.

"Our activities will engage children in sport, support young athletes and further cultivate an encouraging environment. At such a challenging time for sport's place in the world, we athletes have a dedicated plan to use an inspirational Tokyo 2020 to promote the Olympic Values around the world and further enhance the Olympic Movement."

Daichi Suzuki, Seoul 1988 Games gold medallist in Swimming, President of the Japanese Swimming Federation, WADA Athlete Committee Member and JADA Athlete Committee Member and member of the Tokyo 2020 Athletes' Commission, said:

"Japan is proudly committed to anti-doping and integrity in sport. Anti-doping is part of the national school curriculum in Japan. Every high school student learns the core values of Olympism relating to anti-doping and how to live their lives according to those principles. This foundation extends an anti-doping culture throughout Japanese society, which has helped to ensure that no Japanese athlete has ever failed an Olympic Games doping test. Japan has already committed to developing the delivery of anti-doping, especially in Asia, and will continue go even further to realise a 'play true culture'.

"A key initiative in our Athlete Declaration is efforts to go even further in the fight against doping with the implementation of 'Drug Free Sport' programmes, helping to promote and enhance the integrity of sport and safeguard its future."

Rie Tanaka, London 2012 Olympian in Gymnastics, said:

"I am hugely excited by our promise to help athletes to exchange ideas internationally to further advance sport. Assisting athletes from around the world to meet and discuss the key issues in sport today will go a long way to guaranteeing the future positive growth and development of sport."

The IOC Host City election takes place on 7th September 2013 at the IOC Session in Buenos Aires.

Team Japan United Under Athlete Declaration