Superb Tokyo 2020 Games Will Offer Gateway to the "Continent of Tomorrow" Games in Tokyo will inspire over one billion young people in Asia

Driven by the city's location in the largest and youngest continent in the world, Tokyo 2020 President, Tsunekazu Takeda, has pledged its Bid is the safe pair of hands that can be trusted to deliver superb Games that will be a gateway to the "continent of tomorrow".

Speaking at the 2nd Asian Youth Games in Nanjing, the Host City for next year's Youth Olympic Games, Tsunekazu Takeda - an IOC member, Vice President of the Olympic Council of Asia, and President of the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) - praised the concept of the Asian Youth Games and offered an exciting glimpse at what the world's youngest content offers the Olympic Movement.

Takeda also underlined that Tokyo is the Asian city that bridges East and West with the world's biggest urban population. The country's unrivalled passion for sport is shared by all of Japan including the corporate sector, as shown by the most recent addition of its 21st Official Bid Partner.

"This is why Tokyo 2020 is the right Games at the right time for the Olympic Movement, offering a safe pair of hands that can be trusted to deliver superb Games in these uncertain times. A Games that enthuses young people about sport and the Olympic and Paralympic Games."

Takeda added: "In Japan and Asia, the sport market is growing. Our continent is composed of both strong developed economies and rapidly growing markets, maximising the commercial potential of the Tokyo 2020 Games. This dynamic atmosphere in Asia is clear for all to see at the Asian Youth Games."

Asia is the only continent in the world with more people living within its territory than outside, subsequently allowing Tokyo 2020 to offer the Olympic Movement to reach the world's largest market.

"Tokyo 2020's certainly of delivery is supported by our location in the vast market of Asia, with billions of passionate sports fans and some of the world's largest international organisations with a long history of investing in sport," he concluded.

Tokyo 2020 has planned to establish an Olympic Museum in the new state-of-the-art Olympic Stadium, which will be a new and engaging beacon for Olympism in Asia.
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