30,000 Lanterns Light Up Tokyo Bay

30,000 water-borne candle lanterns turned Tokyo Bay into a floating jewel box yesterday evening during the Lantern by the Bay Festival, which also featured a special Tokyo 2020 illumination to show support for Tokyo 2020. The event, which took place at Odaiba Marine Park, the proposed site of the Triathlon and Marathon Swimming competitions during the Tokyo 2020 Games, cast light on Japan's burning passion for sport and desire to promote the Olympic Values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect.

Tokyo 2020 illumination comprising the Bid emblem crafted with lights was on full display. The emblem symbolises the world united as one and Japan's aspirations to bring the 2020 Games to Tokyo in anticipation of a global festival dedicated to sport, culture and world peace.
Image of the event

Tokyo's passion for the Games shines on the bay

Image of the event

The Tokyo bay will be a spectacular backdrop for the Games in 2020