Tokyo Extends an Invitation to "Discover Tomorrow" through 2020 Bid Campaign

Tokyo 2020 today launched its official campaign tagline "Discover Tomorrow" which will be used throughout its bid for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. "Discover Tomorrow" reflects two key elements of the bid and Tokyo as a city: global inspiration and dynamic innovation.

During the unveiling of the tagline, Tsunekazu Takeda, President of both Tokyo 2020 and the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC); Masato Mizuno, JOC Vice President and CEO of Tokyo 2020; and Yuka Sato, first ever Youth Olympic Gold Medallist in Singapore 2010, pledged their commitment to deliver a dynamic celebration that will help reinforce and renew the Olympic Values for a new generation. Tokyo 2020 will be an event in which all guests will be able to "Discover Tomorrow" and experience a dynamic celebration in the heart of one of the world's most forward-thinking and safe cities.
Speaking at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan (FCCJ) in Tokyo, Takeda said: "We believe that Tokyo 2020 will be Games in which the Olympic Values add to the life of the Host City and its people; and in which those people - and their culture, customs and values - add something to the Olympic Movement. It would begin, as does every visit to us, with our unique hospitality or 'Omotenashi'. It is just one example of the traditional culture - based on Olympic Values of respect, excellence and friendship - that makes Japan so fascinating to visitors."

Japan has a long and distinguished history of the Olympic Movement. Leveraging its world-renowned culture of innovation, Tokyo 2020 will create benefits for the Games and for sport to help ensure Olympism remains at the forefront of a rapidly-changing world. By doing so, the city and country will renew and reinforce the Olympic Values for the 21st century.

Sato said: "When I competed in the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games, I saw the future, a new event, with new disciplines and rivals whom I know I will see for years to come. Some even question the value of hosting major events but I can tell them a different story. I want to represent my country and inspire millions of Japanese people, as other athletes have inspired me throughout my life."

Tokyo 2020 today also unveiled its visual programme, which consist of four of the Olympic colours -- red, blue, yellow and green -- with purple, a traditional colour featured prominently in festivals and events during Japan's Edo Era, a period of roughly 250 years (1603-1867) of peace and stability. The visual programme will be officially used from the London Games and onwards for advertising work, decoration of events and the city and for computer graphics of the venues.

Tokyo's bid to host Olympic and Paralympic Games is underpinned by its belief in the power of sport, and its ability to inspire dreams and deliver positive change.
Press Conference Yuka Sato