Japan Women's National Football Team Backs Tokyo 2020

The Japan women's national football team, one of the top teams in women's football, today announced its full support for Japan's bid to host the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Gearing up in the final weeks of training for the London 2012 Games, the team enthusiastically backed the bid, adding further momentum to the Tokyo 2020 Bid Committee's goal to deliver an unforgettable celebration fully integrated with the city, its people and their future.
Tokyo 2020 already has the support of many national and overseas athletes, and the bid committee looks forward to receiving further support from many more teams and athletes in the coming weeks.

Daichi Suzuki, gold medallist in the 100m backstroke at the Seoul 1988 Games and Tokyo 2020 Executive Board Member, visited the team, which is nicknamed Nadeshiko or "the ideal Japanese woman." Suzuki offered his strong support for the most recent FIFA Women's World Cup champions ahead of the London 2012 Games, while the Japan women's national football team offered Suzuki and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Bid Committee their full support in return.
Suzuki said: "As someone who has experienced the Olympics, it is quite exciting for me to know that my fellow athletes will go to London with the same goal as I had: to win a gold medal. Please enjoy the thrilling atmosphere of the Olympics. It's important to build a team spirit here at the training camp, and I look forward to watching you build on that to perform at your absolute peak."
In reply to Suzuki's encouragement, Nadeshiko star Aya Miyama said: "As captain of this team, I appreciate Tokyo 2020's warm support. I plan to leave London with no regrets. Japan needs a goal to strive for, and there is nothing better for that than the Olympics. The Olympic Games has always served as a dream, the ultimate goal for Japanese women's football players. It would be fantastic if people who watch us in London also think about how wonderful it would be to host the Games in Tokyo. I know the Bid Committee is giving the effort their best shot, just like we plan to do in London."
Japan Women's National Football Team

(From left to right) Homare Sawa, 2011 FIFA Women's World Player of the Year; Karina Maruyama, Nadeshiko Japan's striker from Tokyo; Daichi Suzuki, Tokyo 2020 Executive Board Member and Olympic champion in swimming in 1988 Seoul; Aya Miyama, Nadeshiko Japan's captain; and Norio Sasaki, team head coach and 2011 FIFA Coach of the Year