Tokyo 2020 Games Worth Nearly $38bn to Japanese Economy

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games are projected to generate economic activity in Japan worth 3 trillion yen (US$37.9bn), and create more than 150,000 jobs, if Japan's capital secures the honour of hosting the Games, according to research conducted by the Tokyo 2020 Bid Committee. With the Tokyo 2020 plan already backed by a guaranteed fund of $4.5bn, the research further quantifies Tokyo's unmatched capacity to stage the world's greatest sporting event in one of the world's major centres of trade, finance and technology.
The report envisions the Tokyo 2020 Games having a powerful economic impact in numerous sectors, including supplier contracts for local and international businesses, administrative activities (opening and closing ceremonies, competition management, transport and security) and the short- and long-term benefits of tourism and job creation.

The 3 trillion (US$37.9bn) figure includes a 1.67 trillion yen (US$21.1bn) economic benefit for the metropolitan area and 1.29 trillion yen (US$16.3bn) for the rest of the national economy. New jobs are expected to amount to 84,000 in Tokyo and 68,000 elsewhere, or 152,000 nationwide. The economic benefits of improved infrastructure are separate from these "ripple effects" and are not included in the 3 trillion (US$37.9bn) figure.

Tokyo 2020 CEO Masato Mizuno said: "Tokyo 2020 promises to be a financially robust Games due to vast resources guaranteed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, along with strong backing by corporate Japan. Furthermore, Tokyo 2020 would bring huge economic benefits to the local, national and global economies. Significantly, the economic impact would be felt not only in Tokyo, but all across Japan, including areas affected by last year's natural disaster in northern Japan. We have a responsibility to unite and inspire Japan's entire population behind this national project and thereby widen the path to a better future."
The economies of Tokyo and Japan are expected to be stimulated by improved public transport, attractive new sports facilities and a variety of other valuable public amenities. Tokyo is striving to attract millions of additional tourists as part of creating new business opportunities. As the world's most forward-thinking city, Tokyo looks to deliver spectacular yet sustainable Games that are fully integrated with the city, its people and their future.
The 7 June 2012 JPY/USD exchange rate of JPY 79.45/USD1 was used for currency calculations in this release.
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