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Basic guidance and information about Japan

Airport Access Tips

Japan has multiple international and local airports across the islands. Please find links below to help you with planning access to and from the airport you will be flying in and out of.

Airport Access(ENGLISH)(Open in a new window)
国际机场(简体中文)(Open in a new window)
교통정보 공항 이동 안내(한국어)(Open in a new window)
Transports aériens(Français)(Open in a new window)
Transporte aéreo (Español)(Open in a new window)

Airport Procedures

Information about the departure and arrival procedures at the airports around Tokyo.

Entering Japan


To make sure you will be able to enter and stay in Japan without any trouble, please check here for the information for foreign nationals about visas, including application procedures for visas. Visa exemptions depend on your nationality, regions and period of stay.
Short-term stays of less than 90 days often do not require a visa for Japan. However, we recommend checking to see whether you will require a visa for a short term stay here.

Do I need a visa?
Exemption of visa (Short-Term Stay)(ENGLISH)(Open in a new window)

For those who need a visa to entre and stay in Japan
Countries or Regions that require a visa to enter Japan and the information on the application(ENGLISH)(Open in a new window)

Applying a visa in your country or region
List ofJapanese Embassies, Consulates and Permanent Mission(ENGLISH)(Open in a new window)


Japan has a range of unique and delightful types of accommodation, from the traditional to the very modern. To help you enjoy your stay during the Tokyo 2020 Games we have provided some details as to the type of accommodation you can book.
For more information about the type of accommodation, see the following links.
Hotel(Open in a new window)
Ryokan(Open in a new window)
Youth Hostels & Hostels(Open in a new window)
Inns(Open in a new window)

To help you decide where you might like to stay, check out our maps of where our venues are.

Japan National Tourism Organization(JNTO) provides helpful information about accommodation, as well as information about things to see and do in Japan.

JNTO Website

Japan Hotel Ryokan Search(ENGLISH)(Open in a new window)
住宿信息(简体中文)(Open in a new window)
숙박정보 -호텔(한국어)(Open in a new window)
Hébergement(Français)(Open in a new window)

Websites of the Tokyo 2020 Official Partners

Demand is expected to increase as the Games time approaches.
We would like to encourage you to make a reservation as early as possible.
While there are many ways to find accommodations, here we introduce the websites of Tokyo 2020 official partners, KNT-CT Holdings Co., Ltd.(KNT), JTB Corp., and Tobu Top Tours Co., Ltd. as one of your choices.

Accommodation information for the Games time is not yet available at each site:
(As of April, 2019)

Some accommodation facilities may start taking reservation about 1 year to 6 months prior to the Games.

Reservation start dates vary depending on each facility, type of accommodation and travel agency.
Please carefully check the information provided by your accommodation.

With the enforcement of GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation) on 25 May 2018, the website of KNT cannot accept reservation for EU residents.


Japan has a great transport system, making travel between our cities convenient. Please check here to help you plan travel to reach your destination of choice.

Getting Around(ENGLISH)(Open in a new window)
交通信息 (简体中文)(Open in a new window)
교통정보 -철도(한국어)(Open in a new window)
Transports(Français)(Open in a new window)
Transporte(Español)(Open in a new window)


- Please give yourself plenty of time when travelling to a venue. Transport and local areas will be very busy during the Games.
IC Travel Cards(Suica /PASMO etc.) make you possible to use public transport smoothly and conveniently. IC Travel Cards(Open in a new window)

- Please note in advance that we may ask you to use unusual/alternative routes or stations during the Games. Please check our website for further information closer to the Games.

- Please use public transport to travel to venues.

Tips for people planning to travel long distances across Japan

If you're travelling long distance, the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) is convenient as it covers many of the key areas in Japan.

<Rail Pass>
The Rail Pass is available for people who come to Japan for sightseeing.
This is a convenient and economical way to travel across Japan.
As there are several kinds of tickets, see which one suits your needs the best.
JAPAN RAIL PASS(Open in a new window)

<Shinkansen Ticket>
Reservations can be made from one month prior to the date of use.
As weekends and holidays will be especially crowded and fully booked,
make sure to give yourself ample time to make your reservation.
For further information, please check the following website.
Shinkansen Ticket(Open in a new window)

Climate and Weather advice

Please check out the following link to give you some helpful Information about weather and the geography in Japan.
Weather &Geography(Open in a new window)

Summer in Japan is expected to be very hot and humid!
You will need to plan appropriately for a trip to Japan in summer. We have provided you with some top tips about staying cool in the hot weather.
Heat illness prevention/countermeasures(Open in a new window)

Assistance Dogs

Please see the information below about coming to the Games with an assistance dog, for Spectators with a physical impairment.
Assistance Dogs for Persons with a Physical Impairment(Open in a new window)
Quarantine system for dogs and cats (import)(Open in a new window)

Need help in Japan?

1. Guide for when you need medical treatment

If you require medical treatment whilst you are in Japan you may find the following link helpful. This includes information regarding institutions providing multi-lingual support, and information about how to see a doctor in Japan.
Medical institutions with multilingual support and guidebook for using medical institutions(Open in a new window)

2. Information for Consumer Hotline for Tourists

The National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan provide the Consumer Hotline for Tourists.
This Hotline offers telephone consultation that overseas visitors to Japan can use if they experience consumer issues while visiting Japan.
Feel free to call this hotline if you encounter consumer issues involving stores, restaurants, bars, transportation, or lodging during your visit.

Note: "Consumer Hotline for Tourists" handles consumer issues only. It cannot provide tourist information or answer questions related to lost items, accidents, or illness or injury.

<Reception time>
Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
(closed weekends, national holidays, and Dec. 29 - Jan. 3)

<Telephone number>
Standard call rates to the call center will apply.

<Available languages>
Chinese, English, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese


No vaccinations are required to enter Japan.

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