Japan Travel Guide

Tokyo and Japan are playing host to the biggest sporting events in 2020 – but there is plenty of other things to explore during your stay too.
In this page, we will introduce sightseeing places in Japan.
Click the links here and you will see the information which Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) is providing.
This page will help you find information on sights and attractions around our beautiful and exciting country.
We look forward to welcoming you to Japan!

Plan your Trip to Japan

Japan activities and sights
Discover amazing things to see and do across Japan.
JNTO site “ Things to Do ”(Open in a new window)
JNTO site “ Destinations ”(Open in a new window)

Japan travel guides and stories
Read before your trip, to know different aspects of Japan.
JNTO site “ Stories and Guides ”(Open in a new window)

Explore Areas around Hosting Venues

Kanto Area(Tokyo and the surrounding areas)

Japan is divided into several regions, and Kanto is one of the areas that contains Tokyo.
Please check each prefecture's location, access and sightseeing information on the website of JNTO.
JNTO site “ Kanto ” Page(Open in a new window)

・For more detailed tourist information, visit JNTO website.
JNTO site “ Travel Japan – The Official Japan Guide ”(Open in a new window)

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