Enjoy Tokyo 2020 more!

Watching a competition is not the only way to enjoy the Tokyo 2020 Games. You can visit various unique and exciting events during the Olympic and Paralympic Games, such as Live Sites and the Olympic Cultural programme. Make the most of your Games experience by planning a range of activities, including visiting Partner Houses, visiting our Tokyo2020 Official Shops or watching an amazing performance in the city. Details will be announced on this page once they are confirmed. Check back for further updates.

Events & facilities to raise your expectation toward the Games

Torch Relay ~Join us and feel the connection~

The Tokyo 2020 Torch Relay is not an event only for torchbearers. The flame will travel across Japan, connecting the hearts and the hopes of all people who cheer for the relay.
The torch relay is an Olympic and Paralympic symbol and one of the most important events in the Games. Let’s participate in the torch relay and experience another exciting facet of the Tokyo 2020 Games!

Cultural Festival “TOKYO 2020 NIPPON FESTIVAL”

While the Olympic and Paralympic Games are a festival of sport, they are also a cultural festival. The Games official cultural programme, TOKYO 2020 NIPPON FESTIVAL will be delivered at various places in Japan from April till September,2020, when people all over the world will pay attention to Japan and Tokyo.
For further information, check the following website dedicated for the festival.

Spectaculars ~Photogenic city dressing~

Symbols of Olympics and Paralympics are coming to the city!
“Spectaculars” are visual installations that take place during the Games in some areas.
As the Game approaches, the city will be decorated with a variety of Spectaculars, such as the emblems and mascots.
Spectaculars are a great way of capturing unique memories for the Tokyo 2020 Games.

Events during the Games time

Live Sites ~Share the Games excitement with everyone in town!~

The more, the merrier! A "Live Site" is an exciting event, which gives you a sense of togetherness. Live Sites will be available in various locations and towns, providing excitement with an impressive relay of live action sports and competitions on large screens.
In addition, you can expect attractive stage events and sport experiences that anyone can join in with. Details about locations etc. will be announced sequentially on the live site page. Please check the link below.

Partner Houses ~Feel and connect with the world!~

During the Games time, representatives of countries, Sports Federations, and the Games Partners will gather in Tokyo from all over the world. Tokyo City will have a numbers of "Partner Houses" providing people with the charms of that culture, sport or company. Partner Houses offer a great opportunity for people visiting the Games to get to experience the various cultures and attractive sightseeing spots in the world, learning about sports, and meeting new people.
This is the best chance to connect with the world. Don't miss it!

Facilities you can visit now

What is Olympic?

From the origin and history of Olympic, successive torches, medals and historically important documents, Japan Olympic Museum is the best place to know, learn, feel, experience and think about Olympic from various angles.
Feel close to Olympic through activity where you can try physical abilities of Olympians and watch their interviews and stories. It gives wonderful experience for all ages from kids to adults.

...more coming soon!

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