TOKYO 2020 Open Innovation Challenge

TOKYO 2020 Open Innovation Challenge Deadline extended to 27 October!

The application period has ended. Thank you all for applying!

The TOKYO 2020 Open Innovation Challenge is a global contest aimed at developers to build innovative apps that will enhance and reinvent spectators' experience of watching urbans sports. The aim of the app development competition is to find enjoyable ways of bringing fans closer to the action.

The urban sports covered in this contest are official Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games events: 3x3 Basketball, BMX Freestyle, Skateboarding and Sport Climbing.

The International Olympic Committee (the “IOC”), the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (“Tokyo 2020”), Worldwide cloud service Partner Alibaba Cloud (“Alibaba Cloud”) and Worldwide Partner Intel Corporation (“Intel”) will support developers around the world to create innovative new experiences.

The purpose of the event is to enhance diversity and expertise of personnel related to the engagement activities of the XXXII Olympiad currently scheduled to be held in July-August 2020, principally in and around the city of Tokyo, Japan by gathering people who have enough skill to create technological innovation and promoting the Olympic movement and the Olympic values.

Results of the first screening

A lot of applications were submitted for the first screening stage and were evaluated on 28 October to 1 November 2019. Proposals from 12 teams including individual applicants, have successfully passed the first screening.

Team Project title
Team CGA 映像を"Coolに自動演出"するアプリケーション
Climbr Climbr:elevate your climb!
AOT どこでも3x3バスケットボール観戦 -試合会場以外での観戦体験を拡張するアプリケーション-
HACKist teamFFF! FanForFun! 〜オリンピックゲームの熱気をモバイルファンが伝える!〜
Shiba Tech RealClimb - The Realtime Olympic Climbing Tracker
チーム きりこちゃん ~臨場感ある観戦体験をあなたに~「みんなでLIVE!!!」
Team だ か - DaKa Climbing LiveRanking
ハイライトツクール 観戦者とテクノロジーでハイライトを創り上げ競技を盛り上げるハーフCGMサービス
Ray Otsuka AClimbR
超観戦 一人じゃない!
Engenherios de Shinjuku ESCARA

Unfortunately, not everyone passed the first screening, but there were many wonderful projects that jury members came across during their selection process.
Thank you for your interest.

State of a training programme

We held training programme about Alibaba Cloud and Intel AI products for the teams that passed the first screening.


This contest will encourage the development of apps and capitalise on the unique ideas and technological expertise of the developers. Assets will be provided by the organisers to the developers.

Open Innovation

“Open Innovation” encourages developers to create new experiences by combining existing concepts with cutting-edge ideas. The contest will be open to everyone from any country, age or affiliation.

Urban Sports

Urban sports are rapidly increasing in popularity especially among the younger generation, and they help highlight traditional sports as well. "Open Innovation" will be a vehicle of creating new experiences for sports fans via these emerging sports events.

Artificial Intelligence

Developers will be able to take king advantage of the rapidly evolving artificial intelligence (AI) technology, cloud based, edge devices and other modern technologies for the development of their apps.

Outline of the Contest


Participants are required to develop an app that is user-friendly, and will help make the experience of watching urban sports fun and enjoyable.

Development environment and tools that will be provided

Individuals and groups who pass the first screening will be given temporary access to following Alibaba Cloud environment and Intel AI products free of charge.
To enter the event, developers (and groups) who pass the First Screening will be required to develop on the Alibaba Cloud environment and use at least one Intel AI product.

Alibaba Cloud ECS (Elastic Computing Service)(Open in a new window)

Intel AI products


Intel® Xeon® Processors will be available on Allibaba Cloud Server
Intel, Intel logo, Arria, OpenVINO, Xeon are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and/or other countries.
*Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others
OpenCL and the OpenCL logo are trademarks of Apple Inc. used by permission by Khronos.

Data that will be provided

We will provide game results and all sporting video material from the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games to those who went through the first screening, and for your planning or consideration for the proposal, sample data will be available to all applicants. Material for skateboarding is not available as it was not included in any previous Games, while 3x3 Basketball, Cycling (BMX Freestyle), and Sport Climbing are available. On Olympic Channel ( in a new window)) you can watch the video that we will provide.

Watch Sports Videos on Olympic Channel

Semifinals and Finals - 3x3 Basketball| Buenos Aires 2018 YOG

Women's Shoot-out Contest - 3x3 Basketball| Buenos Aires 2018 YOG

Menv's Dunk Contest - 3x3 Basketball| Buenos Aires 2018 YOG

Mixed Team BMX Freestyle Final Runs - Cycling | Buenos Aires 2018 YOG

Men's Combined Speed Finals - Sport Climbing | Buenos Aires 2018 YOG

Women's Combined Bouldering Finals - Sport Climbing | Buenos Aires 2018 YOG

Women's Combined Lead Finals - Sport Climbing | Buenos Aires 2018 YOG

Please read through the “Terms of Use of Sample Data” before downloading the sample data.

(Download a file)See “Terms of Use of Sample Data” (PDF: 208.2 KB)

The download period of the sample data has ended.

Participants may also collect data on their own or use data that they own. Please make sure to comply with the conditions specified in the Terms of participation.

Qualifications to Enter

  • You may enter individually or as part of a group (collectivelly "Participants"). Participating groups must be comprised members fulfilling all requirement according to the term of participation and appropriate for the achievement of the theme.
    Groups will not be able to expose their corporate or product name for commercial or any other purposes.
    When participating as a group, all group members are required to agree to the Terms of participation.
  • Participants under the respective legal age to consent by themselves to the Terms will need the written approval of their parental guardian.
    For Japanese nationality, a person who is under 20 years old needs the written approval of the parental guardian.
  • There is no restriction concerning the Participants' nationality. Anyone can participate from anywhere in the world. However, Participants must be able to read and understand the Terms of participation, prepare and explain the presentation and proposal, and respond to the inquiries from the jury or operation secretariat in either Japanese or English.

Flow from the first screening to the final screening

There will be two screenings: the first screening and the final screening.


  • Application Period : 4 September - 27 October 2019 (Deadline extended)
  • First Screening:28 October - 1 November 2019
  • Notice of First Screening Results: 2 November 2019
  • Training:9 November 2019
  • Final Screening:22 February 2020
    There's a possibility that schedule may be modified.

Judging Criteria

Creativity & Innovativeness Is it an idea that can surprise and impress people based on ideas that are not bound by existing concepts?
Usefulness & Valuableness Is it worth making the urban sports viewing experience easier to understand, more fun, and more interesting, and to make it happen in the future?
Feasibility Are there specific methods for realizing ideas and policies for problem solving, and are technical feasibility guaranteed?
UX/UI Design Is it simple, intuitive, and does it have a UX/UI design that anyone can easily use?
Technical Progressiveness & Scalability Does it have the scalability and flexibility to capture innovative and technical perspectives and be more widely used?

First Screening

The First Screening will be a paper-based evaluation. The jury will evaluate the proposal attached to the application form and select the finalists (and/or groups) who will advance to the next stage. For details about the proposal, please refer to:“How to Apply”
The First Screening will be assessed by a jury panel composed of Tokyo 2020, Alibaba Cloud and Intel.
The Participants (including groups) who pass the First Screening will be announced on the Tokyo 2020 Official website.

Technical support to the developers who pass the first screening

Participants (including groups) who pass the First Screening will be invited to take part in a training programme to learn about the Alibaba Cloud environment and the Intel AI products on 9 November. The contest organiser will provide the necessary assets (Alibaba Cloud environment, Intel AI product, sport data).
The details of the training will be explained separately to all those who pass the First Screening. The training will take place in Tokyo, and the programme will be in a lecture format conducted in Japanese. We will provide the video taken at the training for those who have difficulty attending the training and an English training document will be made available for those who require training in English.

Period for Development and Preparation

The Participants (including groups) who pass the First Screening will be required to develop a prototype based on the proposal they submitted. There will be no special working space provided by the contest organisers.
The Participants (including groups) will be required to put an execution file and any other software necessary to view the developed programme on Alibaba Cloud no later than five days prior to the final screening.

Final Screening

  • Technical confirmation before the final screening
    To make sure of the technical reliability and authenticity, we will run the programme on Alibaba Cloud.
  • Final Screening
    At the Final Screening, Participants will be asked to give a presentation about the prototype they developed. Details on the final presentation will be provided to all participants who pass the First Sscreening.

Members of the Jury of the Final Screening
Yasuo Miki, Chief Technology Innovation Officer, Tokyo 2020
Chen Chen, Lead Architect, Alibaba Cloud Japan
Takanari Matsuda, Technology Director, Olympic Program Office, Intel

Special Jury Member

Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee Consultant
Takeshi Natsuno
Japanese Fencing Federation President / International Fencing
Federation Vice-President / Japan Urban Sports Support Committee Vice-President
Yuki Ota
Data Stadium Inc President
Yoshihiko Kato

Application Period

4 September - 27 October 2019 (Deadline extended)

About the Awards

Gold: Alibaba Cloud APSARA Conference
Date: the end of Sep. in 2020
Place: Hangzhou, China
The organizers underwrite the expenses of the flight, the hotel, and the event admission fee.

Silver: Tokyo 2020 Tickets sponsored by Intel

The sports and schedule are to be decided at this time.

Bronze: Tokyo 2020 Official Goods
2020 special awards: Details to be announced at a later date

You can make presentation during the Tokyo 2020 Games.

How to apply

Please make sure to read the (Download a file)Terms of participation (PDF: 797.0 KB) thoroughly before entering the competition.

Entry fee

Free of charge
All costs for developing the prototype as well as the transportation charges shall be incurred by the participants.
Various options (such as online communication tools) are being considered to enable people to participate remotely in the final screening when they cannot be present at the venue.

How to apply

Please fill out the application form with the following required items and attach a proposal made following "Instructions on creating the proposal" and submit your entry.

  • Name (required): If applying as a group, please provide the name of the leader.
  • Email address (required): If applying as a group, please provide the email of the leading member.
  • Enquiry details: If you need special consideration, please ask us for it.

Instructions on creating the proposal:

  • Write the proposal in either Japanese or English following the items of the format file.
  • The file should be in PDF format and within 5 MB.
  • You can download the format on the following web page.

(Download a file)Download the Proposal format file


  • Submissions outside the application period will not be accepted.
  • In principle, we do not accept applications by mail or bring your own.
  • In principle, we will not accept changes to the contents after application.
  • We will not return your submissions. After this project is finished, it will be disposed of by the organizer.
  • Please note that if there are deficiencies or deficiencies in the submissions, you may be disqualified.
  • The number of projects that can be applied for by an individual or as a group is limited to one.

The download period of the proposal format file has ended.

Terms of participation

All applicants are required to read the Terms of participation and agree to its content.
(Download a file)Terms of participation (PDF: 797.0 KB)

The application period has ended. Thank you all for applying.

Under the Tokyo 2020 Inquiry Form, select “Tokyo 2020 Open Innovation Challenge” and click “Next” to access the Application Form.

Inquiries about the Contest

Please contact: The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 Open Innovation Challenge Department Email: (at)

The email address above has been modified to prevent spam. Please replace the ‘(at)’ with the ‘@’ symbol when sending. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Hosted by: Tokyo 2020, Alibaba Cloud, Intel

TOKYO 2020 Open Innovation Challenge QA

Q:Do you accept applications from outside Japan?

A:Yes, without regard to nationality. People may participate from anywhere in the world. However, participants must be able to read and understand the English or Japanese Documentation such as codes, prepare proposals and presentation materials, make presentations, and respond to questions by the jury and the bureau in charge.

Q:Does the application have to be developed for a certain operating environment and devices?

A:No. Any kind of application is fine as long as it is consistent with the theme.

Q:Will the winning applications be used during the games?

A:We are considering preparing a place for them near the venues during the Tokyo 2020 Games period. Whether they will actually be used during the Games remains to be decided.

Q:Is it permitted to use products from other companies?

A:Yes. Products from other companies may be used as long as the application is developed and built on Alibaba Cloud and uses at least one Intel AI product. Please check the Terms of participation for details.

Q:Is it necessary to attend the training programmes after the first screening?

A:No, it is not. If you cannot attend, then data and account logins will be provided separately.

Q:Is it necessary to physically attend the final screening?

A:Although it is necessary to participate in the final screening, various options (such as online communication tools) are being considered to enable people to participate remotely.