General Training (online) for Tokyo 2020 Field Cast

We will be offering an online general training session for all volunteers who live abroad and for those who had signed up for the general training that was to take place at the end of February but was postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak. The general training will provide basic knowledge that is required to volunteer at the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Starting from the end of September 2020, we will send a notice to the eligible volunteers at the email address registered in Step 2 of the volunteer application form. Each volunteer should participate one time (the training session will last about two and a half hours).

Those who have already participated in a general training session (group training) will not be able to participate in this online general training.

Steps required to participate in the online general training session:

  1. You will receive via email a “◇◆Tokyo 2020◆◇Request to reserve (Online)Field Cast Training”.
  2. Follow the instructions in the email to sign up for the online training, and reserve a date and time.
  3. The URL giving you access to the online training session will be emailed to you no later than two days prior to the date you reserved. On the day of the training, log in using this URL to participate.

*The online general training will be conducted using Microsoft Teams. Please make sure to download this app on your PC or smartphone you will use for the online training. Downloading the app is not mandatory for those who will use a PC, but please note that the video function does not work on certain browsers. We advise you to download the app in advance of the training.

*Make sure you have a stable WiFi connection for Internet access when you participate in the online training.

*Be sure to enter the correct registration number upon log-in. If there is an entry error, you will not be able to access the training session.

*The time you reserve covers the beginning to the end of the training session. Registration will start 30 minutes prior to the start of the training session. We advise you to register early since we expect a lot of traffic immediately before the training commences.

Please refer to the following manual for instructions on the use of Microsoft Teams (how to log in, the download URL) as well as to confirm the necessary preparation to participate in the online training.

Manual for participating in the Tokyo 2020 Field Cast on-line general training session

Items you will need on hand when taking the online general training session:

  •  Pen and paper for taking notes (not necessary if you can take notes on your PC or smartphone)
  •  Your registration number (7 digits)