Prior confirmation of your schedule

Your shift schedule will be made available in phases on My Page, starting Friday 2 April. The timing of uploading the schedule will differ by role and venue, but most schedules will be uploaded in mid-April. (When your schedule becomes available on My Page, an email will be sent simultaneously to you to inform you of the availability.)

Please check your My Page and confirm your shift schedule if it is convenient for you.

How to confirm to your shift schedule

• Please confirm your shift schedule on your My Page by following the three steps below.

1.    Check your shift schedule.

2.    Exclude up to 11 days that are inconvenient for you.

3.    Confirm your shift schedule.

For further details on the procedure, refer to this manual.

  • Please note that you may not be able to engage in volunteering activities if you do not confirm your schedule.
  • Please be advised that once you confirm your shift schedule, you cannot withdraw your confirmation or change your shift schedule.
  • In principle, Field Cast members are asked to engage in volunteer activities for more than 10 days during and/or around the period of the Games, whether that is the Olympic or Paralympic Games. (However, the total number of days may be less than 10 depending on the competition schedule, activity details, venue, and other factors. In this case, you can engage in activities for less than 10 days.)
  • Field Cast members registered to work for both the Olympic and Paralympic Games will receive two notifications of their shift schedule, one for each of the respective Games.
  • (Field Cast members will in principle engage in volunteering work for more than 20 days in total, 10 or more days each for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.)
  • When confirming your shift schedule, make sure you are not signed up for six or more consecutive days. (you can work up to five days in a row.)
  • If you have confirmed more than one role and venue offer, you may receive more than one shift schedule. In this case, you will need to wait for all your shift schedules to arrive before you can confirm them. For details, refer to ‘Precautions concerning shift confirmation for those who have accepted multiple role and venue offers on the last page of the manualthe last page of the manual.

Next step

Those who have confirmed their shift schedule will receive, on a first-come, first-served basis, a notification about uniform arrangements.

∗However, those engaging only in the Paralympic Games will receive the notification in or after July.

∗As we have notified you via the email dated 24 March 2021, the Government of Japan and the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee have reached the conclusion that, in view of the condition of COVID-19 within and outside Japan and the current restrictions imposed on international travel, they regrettably must decline the entry of foreign national Field Cast members living outside Japan. We would therefore very much appreciate it if you would make the necessary arrangements on the registration system. For specific details of the procedure, please refer to the URL below.