Musashinonomori Park

Venue Overview

This venue will be used as the start line for the Cycling Road Race. The park is surrounded by the wide expanse of Musashino Forest, and both riders and spectators will be able to enjoy lush greenery and beautiful views.

Musashinonomori Park

This is a perspective image. It may differ from the actual building.

Events at Venue


Access during the Pre Games
(North Area)
Approx. 5 minute walk from Tama Station on the Seibu Tamagawa Line
Approx. 2 minute walk from Nomizu Icchome on Odakyu Bus Taka 52 from Mitaka Station

(South Area)
Approx.15 minute walk from Nishi Chofu Station on the Keio Line
Approx. 5 minute walk from Osawa Community Center on Odakyu Bus Sakai 91 from Musashisakai station South South Exit
Approx. 5 minute walk from Osawa Community Center on Odakyu Bus Sakai 91 or Cho 40 or Taka 51 from Chofu station North Exit
Please use public transport.

Access during the Games
Walking distance from Seibu Tamagawa Line "Tama Station"
Please use public transportation to access the venue.
Stations may be added or changed.
Accessible routes would be available at Tama Station


  • Because more than the ordinary number of passengers may be using public transportation during the Games, it may take longer than the required time that is provided on the Internet. It may also take longer to walk from the station to the venue, so we suggest that you give yourself ample time.

  • Please note that during the Games, you may be instructed to use a route that is different from the ordinary route used to access the venue.




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