Notice to spectators concerning access to competition venues

When travelling to competition venues

  • Use public transportation to travel to venues. Please refrain from driving to venues yourself.
  • All attendees will be required to undergo a security check before being allowed into venues. Plan your arrival so that you leave enough time to pass through the security check.
  • In most cases, advance reservations will be needed for park-and-ride parking areas and when travelling to venues on shuttle buses. For more information, see each venue’s page.
  • Attendees are asked to cooperate with efforts to ease congestion when arriving at and departing from venues.
  • Train stations will be extremely crowded during the Games. Purchasing IC tickets is recommended. Please charge IC cards in advance.
  • Trains will operate on a different timetable during the Games, and service on some routes will extend further than normal. Please check the information provided by rail companies before you travel. For more information, see the “Train service during the Games” section.

For more information about travelling to individual venues, see the venue page.

Train service (service plan during the Olympics and Paralympics)

  • Trains will operate on a different timetable during the Games, and services on some routes will extend past their normal operation hours.

More information including detailed timetables will be provided as soon as it becomes available.

Train operation during Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games



  • The night of Friday 24 July to the night of Sunday 9 August 2020 (from the Olympic Opening Ceremony to Closing Ceremony)

Approximate service times:

  • Train services later than 2:00 am are under consideration for the JR Yamanote Line, Tokyo Metro and Toei lines.
  • For other lines, train services between 1:00 am and 2:00 am (lines will vary) are under consideration.

Shuttle bus and parking reservations (advance reservations required)

In some venues, in addition to operating shuttle bus services from train stations, we will operate park-and-ride services (allowing attendees to drive to a designated parking area and then take a shuttle bus to the venue). Visit the venue pages to review instructions on how to travel to each venue.

Except for certain venues*, it will be necessary to reserve shuttle bus services and parking areas. You can make reservations on the reservations website linked from each venue page. (The reservations website is under construction.)

*Venues for which no shuttle bus reservations will be required: Tokyo Stadium, Equestrian Park, Sea Forest Waterway, Sea Forest Cross-Country Course and Sapporo Dome.

For more information about travelling to individual venues, see the venue page.

Access for individuals requiring special consideration when travelling

We are working to ensure smoother access to venues at the Tokyo 2020 Games for attendees who use wheelchairs and other individuals requiring special consideration.

Specifically, we are considering offering park-and-ride services from the Ohi Racecourse parking lot, Kasai Rinkai Park parking lot, a city-owned location at 5-chome and Jingumae in Shibuya City (the site of the former Aoyama Hospital). An exclusive shuttle bus service from Takanawa Gateway Station (which is scheduled to open in spring 2020) is also under consideration.

For more information about getting to individual venues, see the venue page.