Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Torch Relay

Details about the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Torch Relay will be provided through this website as soon as the information becomes available.

The Paralympic Torch Relay

Flame-lighting festivals are held in Stoke Mandeville in the UK – the birthplace of the Paralympics – and at several locations across the host country. The flames from each of these locations are then brought together at the host city where the Paralympic Torch is lit, and the Paralympic Torch Relay begins.
The very first Paralympic Torch Relay was held in Seoul for the 1988 Paralympic Games. The total distance of the relay route was 105km, with some 282 runners carrying the Paralympic Torch.
The Paralympic Torch Relay is an event that welcomes everyone, with messages of support coming from municipal governments, organisations, groups and individuals. The lighting events held by municipal governments are held on the supposition that the collective energy of the local residents lights the flame.
One major aim of the events is to maintain the momentum and excitement of the Olympic Games during the transition period to the Paralympic Games, and to communicate the values and spirit of the Paralympics.