Tokyo 2020 ID Registration

Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Official Ticket Website

Applicants are required to register for a Tokyo 2020 ID to apply for tickets

The items listed below are required to register for a Tokyo 2020 ID which is needed to apply for and purchase tickets.

  • E-mail address
  • Postal address
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone number (Japanese number only)
  • Password (English alphanumeric characters of your choice)

Please note that if you enter a country or region other than ‘Japan’ in the ‘country/region’ section of your Tokyo 2020 ID registration, your application will be invalidated.
If you unsubscribe from the Tokyo 2020 ID, you may be denied access to the venue and to various ticket-related services.

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When purchasing tickets, applicants will be required to verify their telephone numbers.

Please note that during the ticket application and purchasing process, we will be implementing a verification procedure to confirm the identity of individual applicants as part of our measures to prevent the unlawful resale of tickets.
We will request all applicants who entered their telephone number during the registration process for the Tokyo 2020 ID to call a number beginning with the three digits 050 (a verification code) from the telephone number they specified in the registration process. The verification system will then confirm whether or not the registered telephone number was used.

Applicants will be responsible for the call charge.
The same telephone number cannot be used to verify multiple applicant IDs.
If an applicant provides a landline telephone number to register for a Tokyo 2020 ID, the same number cannot be used by family members of the same household when they register.
Only Japanese telephone numbers are permitted.
Applicants will be required to call the verification system from their registered phone numbers. However, they will not be required to listen to any messages or to speak.
Any applicant who wishes to call the verification system from a phone number other than that entered in their Tokyo 2020 ID registration is requested to first change the telephone number entered in their Tokyo 2020 ID registration before calling the verification system.

(1) Please have your registered phone ready, and click “Begin phone number verification”. (2) A three-digit verification number beginning with “050” will appear on the screen (a call charge will apply). (3) Please call the verification number on the screen from your registered telephone number. *Call within 120 seconds after the verification number is displayed on the screen. Please make sure not to call the wrong number. *If you do not call the verification number within 120 seconds, the call will be invalidated and you must begin the process again. *If you wish to change the phone number you registered, click “Change membership information” at the bottom of the page. *Telephone numbers registered outside of Japan are not accepted. Please use a telephone number registered in Japan. *The same phone number cannot be used to verify multiple IDs. (4) You may hang up the phone or disconnect the call once you hear the message, “Your verification has been successful.” (5) After completing the call, please click “Verification completed” to complete the verification process.