Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Tickets

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Results of the additional sales of the first lottery will be annouced on: 11 Sep. (Wed) Check your results at the Tokyo 2020 Official Ticket Website

Overseas residents

At this stage, please note that only residents of Japan are eligible to purchase tickets from the Tokyo 2020 Official Ticket Website. Overseas residents are kindly requested to purchase tickets from their country's designated Authorised Ticket Resellers (ATR).

Residents of Japan

Register for a Tokyo 2020 ID to purchase your Tokyo 2020 tickets

A Tokyo 2020 ID is required to purchase tickets from the Official Ticket Website. After completing the Tokyo 2020 ID registration procedure, applicants will receive an e-mail newsletter with Games-related information including details on ticketing.
Please note that applicants cannot obtain multiple IDs to take part in the ticket lottery. Allowing a third party to use your TOKYO 2020 ID or lending, transferring, selling, pledging etc. of rights associated with the ID are also prohibited by the Tokyo 2020 Terms and Conditions of Ticket Purchase and Use. If such actions are discovered, the application will be withdrawn from the ticket lottery, and any tickets already purchased will be cancelled. In addition, the applicant may also be denied access from all related services.

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Video guide to ticket lottery application

An easy-to-understand guide to purchasing tickets.

Ticket Purchase Guide

Olympic Games Tickets

A guide on how to purchase tickets for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – including steps on how to register for a Tokyo 2020 ID which is required for purchasing tickets, how to purchase tickets, the ticket sales schedule, and ticket-related terms and conditions.

Tokyo 2020 ID Registration

Register for a Tokyo 2020 ID to purchase your tickets!

Purchasing Tickets and the Ticket Sales Schedule

See where and when you can buy tickets.

Types of Tickets

Various types of tickets will be on sale.

Ticket Prices

Check the ticket prices for each Games competition.

Ticket Lottery and Purchase

See how you can apply for the lottery and purchase the ticket.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

A guide to ticket-related terms and conditions for those considering to purchase tickets.

Enquiries by web form

Please note that, depending on the content of the enquiry, it may take some time for us to reply, and in some cases we may be unable to provide an answer to a specific enquiry. Thank you for your kind understanding.

For people considering the purchase of tickets for the Tokyo 2020 Games

We will provide useful ticket-related information and a spectator plan for people considering to purchase tickets for the Tokyo 2020 Games.
For people considering the purchase of tickets for the Tokyo 2020 Games