Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Tickets

To those who have purchased tickets for Men and Women’s Marathons

5th December 2019

During the IOC Executive Board meeting held on 4th December, the decision was made to change the venue for Men and Women’s Marathons to Sapporo Odori Park.
Because Sapporo Odori Park is a public venue, the Men and Women’s Marathons will not be ticketed events.
For spectators who have already purchased tickets for the Men and Women’s Marathons, please refer to the details below regarding the changes.

  • 2nd August (Sun) 6:00-12:00, Tickets for Athletics and Women's Marathon (Olympic Stadium) /TOATH05
    Before venue change: Ticket can be used to watch both Women’s Marathon and other Athletics events.
    Information stated above is as of the time of purchase. Athletic events for session TOATH05 (excluding Women’s Marathon) is planned to be held on 2nd August (SUN) 9:10–12:00.
    • For ticket purchasers who wish to keep their tickets for this session and attend the other Women’s Athletics events, we are currently discussing the impact on ticket pricing and options for purchasers.
    • For ticket purchasers who no longer wish to attend the session, their purchase will be fully refunded.
    • We will notify purchasers regarding the timing and details of the refund process as soon as possible.
  • 9th August (Sun) 6:00-8:45, Men's Marathon (Olympic Stadium) /TOATM02
    • Tickets for TOATM02 Men's Marathon will be fully refunded.
    • We will notify purchasers regarding the timing and details of the refund process as soon as possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Once the details have been decided, purchasers will be informed.
Thank you for your patience.

Overseas residents

At this stage, please note that only residents of Japan are eligible to purchase tickets from the Tokyo 2020 Official Ticket Website. Overseas residents are kindly requested to purchase tickets from their country's designated Authorised Ticket Resellers (ATR).

Residents of Japan

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Improper acts relating to IDs, such as ID registration with false personal information, creation of multiple IDs, loan, transfer, sale and purchase and pledge of rights relating to IDs including allowing third parties to use IDs and passwords, and lottery applications with use of multiple IDs, are prohibited under the applicable terms and conditions. Upon such acts having been found, each of the affected application, purchase and ticket purchased will be invalidated, and the related ID user qualifications may be suspended.


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For people considering the purchase of tickets for the Tokyo 2020 Games

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