Natural Environment and Biodiversity

City within Nature/Nature within the City

Looking ahead to the legacy, we will restore and form a rich ecological network through the Games and contribute to the creation of a new urban system that will improve comfort and resilience.

Basic Approach to Natural Environment and Biodiversity

  • People in Japan has been developing and maintaining the fine environment in harmony with various human activities. In the Tokyo 2020 Games, we are going to implement measures involving diverse bodies to realise a comfortable urban environment which exists in harmony with nature.
  • These efforts would contribute to the realisation of a model of a new mature city in which the activities of citizens would improve the urban environment which would keep developing into the future.

Major activities

  • Implementation of heat management in cooperation with Tokyo 2020, TMG, relevant governmental agencies
  • Effective use of water resources by using filtration facilities in the venue and utilisation of rainwater and recycled water
  • Develop the ecological network while also harmonizing with the green around the ocean parks by consideration for existing trees and greening of competition venues by native species

Kasai Marine Park was disgnated as a wetland under the Ramsar Convention on 18 October 2018