READY STEADY TOKYO - Equestrian (Eventing)

About Event


Dressage, Cross-Country, Jumping

Schedule & Venue

12 Aug 2019

8:30~11:45 Dressage
Venue: Equestrian Park

13 Aug 2019

10:00~11:30 Cross-Country
Venue: Sea Forest Cross-Country Course

14 Aug 2019

10:30~11:00 Jumping
Venue: Equestrian Park

The number of Countries & Participants

Countries 4

Participants Men 15 Women 1 (As of 9 Aug)

Equestrian Overview

Equestrian became an Olympic sport at the Paris 1900 Games. It then disappeared until Stockholm 1912 but has been included in the programme ever since. Individual and team medals are awarded in each of the three Equestrian disciplines.

Success demands complete harmony and trust between human and animal, with the rider communicating through their hands on the reins, legs and shifts in body weight to encourage the horse to respond. Indeed, the qualities of the horse are tested to the same extent as those of the athlete.

International Federation: Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI)

Equestrian Overview


Test events hosted or co-hosted by the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee serve as a rehearsal to test the organisational and operational readiness, and therefore will not be open to the public


The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic & Paralympic Games

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