Tokyo 2020 Mascots

We will be providing regular updates on this webpage regarding the selection process for the Tokyo 2020 Mascots.

Final result of the voting for the Tokyo 2020 Mascots

Receiving 109,041 of the votes cast by elementary school students, the Tokyo 2020 Mascots has been selected.

About the vote by elementary schoolchildren

The closing date for voting by elementary schoolchildren on the Tokyo 2020 Mascots was 22 February 2018.

Details regarding Selection of the Mascots

A total of 2,042 entries were received for the Tokyo 2020 Mascots Design Competition

The Mascot Selection Panel
The Mascot Selection Panel
  Details of evaluation Number of valid entries

Format check (22-23, 29-30 August 2017)

Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee staff checked all entries to ensure they complied with all format requirements.
Entries that passed the above process were then checked by legal staff at the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee to ensure they complied with all legal requirements.
1,753 entries remaining at this stage

Design check (13-14 September 2017)

Specialists from various related companies examined the remaining entries to judge whether they would appeal to elementary school-aged children. Designs and mascot profiles were examined.

(ファイルをダウンロード)Examination of designs and list of specialists (PDF: 278.6 KB)

A part of the design examination by specialists was streamed live online. Thank you to the many viewers who tuned in to watch.

98 entries remaining at this stage

Examination by the Mascot Selection Panel (26-28 September 2017)

Members of the Mascot Selection Panel examined the 98 entries passed by the specialists to judge whether the entries amply reflected the spirit of the Tokyo 2020 Games Vision, and the spirit and values of the Olympic and Paralympic movements. A total of 16 entries passed this stage of the selection process.

A part of the examination conducted by the Mascot Selection Panel was streamed live online. Thank you to the many viewers who tuned in to watch.
16 entries remaining at this stage

Selection of the mascot design candidates by the Mascot Selection Panel (13 October 2017)

Selection of mascot design candidates to be voted on by elementary schoolchildren. Mascot design candidates will be announced on December 7 once they have completed trademark verification and other required processes.

3 entries remaining at this stage

Voting by elementary schoolchildren (11 December - 22 February 2017)

Elementary schoolchildren across Japan will select the winning mascots by vote.

1 entry remaining at this stage

Tokyo 2020 Mascots will be unveiled. (28 February 2018)

1 entry remaining at this stage

The deadline for accepting design applications expired

Thank you to everyone who submitted entries.
Period for accepting mascot design entries: From noon on Tuesday, 1 August until noon on Monday, 14 August 2017
Number of applications received - 2,042

Entry requirements

Entry requirements regarding designs for the Tokyo 2020 Mascots

(Download a file) Entry requirement (PDF: 1.1 MB)

(Download a file)Entry requirement (PDF: 1.1 MB)

FAQ regarding Design Entries

A FAQ regarding Design Entries for the Tokyo 2020 Mascots

FAQ regarding Design Entries

Important points for persons submitting entries

  • Please ensure that you have read carefully through the document “Important Information regarding the Design of Mascots for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games”
  • Please note that if you publicly display or make your design known to a third party prior to the official announcement of the final results of the design competition, your entry will be declared invalid
    However, informing a third party of the fact that you have submitted an entry (without disclosing the details of the design) will not invalidate the entry.
  • Please note that entries uploaded to websites or social media sites will be declared invalid and will not be included in the selection process.

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