D&I (Diversity and Inclusion) Pledge

D&I Pledge took place on 6 December, 2018 to promote human rights and D&I through the Tokyo 2020 Games. Executive members, including Tokyo 2020 President Yoshiro Mori, and approximately 100 staff members participated in the event.

Sport has the power to change the world and our future
Kuniko Muramatsu, Representative Director of the non-profit organisation GEWEL, presented a key note speech entitled “Sport and Diversity in an Inclusive Era.” She urged everyone to “think about what D&I means to you” and “create as many opportunities as possible to take part in events whereby you can find, accept, and appreciate differences.” She also stated her firm belief that “sport has the immense potential to spread the idea of diversity across Japan” and “to change the world and the future.”

Kuniko Muramatsu

Work without preconceived notions
President Mori, who sat among staff members in the back while listening to the speech, urged the breaking down of barriers by drawing attention to the seating arrangement: “I see the familiar faces (of executive members) sitting in the front. I think that the Tokyo 2020 staff members, particularly the younger staff members, should be the ones sitting in the front. There should be no division between executive and staff members in terms of seating. Isn't the concept of diversity and inclusion precisely about breaking down these kinds of barriers? We should abandon our preconceived notions and strengthen our teamwork by communicating with one another as individuals.” The event served as an opportunity for the executive members to reaffirm the importance of leadership and to pledge to implement the concept in the Games. All Tokyo 2020 staff members also have pledged to promote and reflect D&I in the Games plans by signing D&I posters.

D&I (Diversity and Inclusion) Pledge Events

(From left to right) President Yoshiro Mori, Vice President Toshiaki Endo, Vice President Yasushi Yamawaki, and Chief Executive Officer Toshiro Muto