The Athletes Committee made D&I pledge

Showing support for the D&I (Diversity and Inclusion) pledge event run by Tokyo 2020 on 6 December 2018, the Athletes Committee made D&I pledge on 8 February 2019 to promote D&I through Tokyo 2020 Games.

Utilize Diversity and Continue to Pass on Our Stories

“I’ve first heard this incredible event at one of my working group meetings. I thought it would be wonderful to expand the project beyond Tokyo 2020.” said Junichi Kawai, Vice Chairman of Athletes Committee, who suggested to hold the event for the Athletes Committee. “We should proactively make use of diversity. Athletes, spectators, volunteers, and staff members should all have the aspiration because it will lead the Games successful and grow to be a power to go beyond the Games. It’s very important that each member passes the message onto each other at various places so that it might lead to change the society.” He concluded.
Chairman Takahashi added “As athletes, we have fought the battle of mind and soul through sport competitions all over the world regardless of gender, age, race, nationality, and physical conditions. I think this experience have made us feel strongly about supporting the concept and the aspiration.” All members, who participated in the event, signed a D&I poster with comments.
As the Athletes Committee, we will strive to spread the concept and the value of D&I in each member’s designated field and for the concept to take roots in Japanese society as a legacy.

The Athletes Committee made D&I pledge
Naoko Takahashi