Horseback Archery

Akira Yamaguchi


(photo by Yohei Sogabe)

This work shows a female archer engaging in mounted archery, which is not yet an Olympic or Paralympic sport. The armless female archer is donning a traditional Japanese outfit for a modern sport. Having overcome a bone fracture injury, her steed runs on replacement limbs consisting of a motorbike-like wheelchair powered by an assortment of items. In the background is a cityscape of Tokyo, with a view of Fukushima beyond the clouds. The late Donald Keene, I gather, had argued for Fukushima as the venue for the Games hosted by Japan. A post-disaster rehabilitation Games under control. Seabirds, leading the way, form patterns of a reactor building emerged in Tokyo Bay. Contaminated water tanks are indeed treated water tanks. Dotting the rooftops are blue plastic sheets covering the damaged roofs. A semi-trailer transports Games venue construction materials to earthquake- and tsunami-hit regions. What soil is used for seedlings in a black plastic?

I recall ... A person paralyzed from the neck down uses his mouth to draw an image of celebration flowers; Mr. Tomihiro Hoshino. Thalidomide victim Noriko-san. Goro-san with Down syndrome keeps watch over the fishing spot. Ko-ai-en, where my father used to work, holds a Sports Festival for people with disabilities. An elderly lady, who struggles to get over a 5 cm bump, pushes an elderly man's wheelchair. Every day is a Paralympic event. My wife breaks a bone. Elevators take forever to reach. A man with a prosthetic leg gives up his seat. A familar empathy.

Tokyo 2020 Official Art Posters