Olympic Stadium

Philippe Weisbecker


©Ayumi Shino

When I was invited a few months ago by the Olympic Committee to create a poster for the 2020 Olympic Games, my first reaction was: " why me? I only draw still objects ". I felt totally uninspired. Yet I could not dismiss such an honorific offer. With my agent Natsuko Kida, we started to wander through the internet, looking for constituents linked to the games. When we came across a model picture of the new Olympic stadium, I thought it might be a lead worth exploring. After many sketches, I came up with something I found satisfying. That was until weeks later, when I received a proof from the printer. Looking anew at the artwork, I did not like it. It lacked the bold and the essential which are the specificity of my work. Even though time had run out and thanks to the committee, I was given a second shot at it. Starting over, I decided to draw on rice paper as it seemed congruent with the games taking place in Japan. Then, guided by my hand, Olympic Stadium took shape in front of me according to my own vision of it.

Tokyo 2020 Official Art Posters