Theseus Chan

(Art Director)

It is unthinkable till now that skateboarding has become an Olympic sport as it seems contrary to its rebellious culture. Skateboarding has a language of its own and being a relatively new sport it is continually evolving and is a synthesis of art, design, fashion, music, and even having gestures of its own.
There are three layers to this piece of work.
Firstly, Extreme Revelation conceived out of rebellious thinking. Skateboarding grind marks subverted to like brush strokes. Crisscrossing, working and reworking in the pursuit of articulation in perfection.
Secondly, the cumulative layers of concrete, metallic, materials often associated with the sport represents the uncertainty, darkness and oppression. Yet, the extremely bright colours bursting forth from within celebrates youthfulness and brazen spirit which cannot be repress.
Thirdly, the cryptic inversion of the numerals and figurative graphic which are almost invisible, question if there are merits in the established order.

Tokyo 2020 Official Art Posters