flow line

Daijiro Ohara

(Graphic Designer)

Numerous lines intersect in this world: Lines of vision; parabola; boundaries; threads of narrative foreshadowing; and many more. At times becoming entangled with one another and at times coming loose, these countless lines form images in space, and in our minds and bodies. This work represents the anticipated line of movement of the Olympic flame from Greece to Tokyo for the 2020 Games, and the more than 800 municipalities on the course of the torch relay in Japan.
What could possibly link an individual with an event in which world-class athletes compete? It is not easy to grasp what does connect a huge-scale event with an individual—such connections can be erratic, or elusive. Even in a diverse world full of confusing tangles of such difficult-to-define lines, I wish to maintain hope in the fact that the world has artworks that touch our hearts, and has places where our bodies can bask in excitement.

Tokyo 2020 Official Art Posters