Space Kicker

Shinro Ohtake


Multicolored spherical celestial bodies hurtling through space at the speed of light. Never-to-be-repeated chance encounters of vivid, sparkling colors and heavenly beings—I was imagining an Olympic scene far removed from Earth. A pink figure appears out of nowhere.
Without so much as a blink, the figure nonchalantly does kick-ups with a bright red ball.
Is this the “god of games”?
When Tokyo hosted the Olympic Games back in 1964, I was at elementary school, where we did papercutting in class. So I decided to create my imagined universe in papercutting.
I cut out unfinished artwork and, along with scraps of printed matter and random bits of colored paper found in the studio, threw it in the air. And the “Space Kicker” spontaneously appeared where the multicolored fragments had landed.

Tokyo 2020 Official Art Posters