Online Event

A special festival that aims to unite the world through “WA”, while providing people with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience of Japanese culture and enjoy new encounters.

Outline of the event

Date: Sunday, 18 July

Venue: To be held online (through the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee’s official SNS accounts).

Anyone can participate in the event from anywhere in the world through the official accounts.

*While all possible COVID-19 countermeasures will be taken, the event may be cancelled or the contents may be changed depending on the COVID-19 situation.

Let’s sing and dance!

wassai Dance & Music

Let’s sing and dance! wassai Dance & Music

“WA” means “輪(Circle)” and “和(Peace)” in Japanese.

Next generation artists, Aoi Yamada and Tuki Takamura, choreographed a dance to unite the world online in “WA”. The song for the wassai festival was provided by a popular Japanese rock band called WANIMA.

DANCE|Aoi Yamada

Born in Nagano Prefecture on 24 June 2000, Yamada played the role of a prince in the play “The Little Prince”. Yamada also performed at Dam Type 2020 and in several music videos by Kenshi Yonezu, Nulbarich and DAOKO etc. The artist has been featured in a Fred Perry advertising campaign, and has performed in the CITIZEN booth at Basel World 2018 and 2019. Yamada appears as a “disco ball lady” on the WOWOW drama series titled “FM999” (directed by Makoto Nagahisa) and also appears in the short film “Somewhere in the Snow”.

DANCE|Tuki Takamaura

Born in Hyogo Prefecture, Takamaura is known as a “passionate dancer” and has won many prizes at dance competitions. The dancer represented Japan at an Asia-wide competition and have appeared in and choreographed music videos by King Gnu and ohashiTrio, among others. Takamaura performed with MISIA in the 70th Kōhaku Uta Gassen and also with LiSA in the 71st Kōhaku Uta Gassen, while also joining a concert tour called “HYPE” by Kenshi Yonezu in 2020.

Message from Aoi and Tuki

Nice to meet you. “WA”!

We greet each other every day.

We spend seemingly long but short days, 

using all kinds of gestures, expressing various emotions.

From "good morning” to “see you tomorrow”.

This dance was born out of these greetings and gestures.

We believe that a dance is something in which “WA” can be created by connections between people, 

and feelings can be conveyed to one another even though we use different languages.

Every single movement can be a dance if your soul and body are hugging each other.

Let’s make “WA” together with your smiles and tears.

We missed “WA” in 2020.

We realised how much power “WA” had.

We hope every one of you who is overseas, close to me, and even myself can connect through dance.

We hope this dance can make dancing more familiar to everyone.

At the end, please try to make a circle with your arms.

This is “WA”, no matter the size.

We can connect to the world through “WA”.

Thank you. “WA”!


A three piece rock band formed in 2010, with KENTA, KO-SHIN and FUJI from Kumamoto Prefecture (currently living in Tokyo), made their debut in October 2014. They have performed at major music festivals all over Japan, and several of their shows had limited admissions due to their popularity. They also performed on “the 68th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen”, one of the nation’s most popular shows, on New Year’s Eve 2017. They won the first prize for two consecutive albums on the ORICON weekly chart, including their second album “COMINATCHA!!”, which was released in October 2019. Furthermore, 250,000 tickets were sold for the biggest concert tour of their career, the “COMINATCHA!! TOUR 2019-2020 (which was partially cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic). They performed the very first online concert called the “COMINATCHA!! TOUR FINAL LIVE VIEWING ZOZO MARINE STADIUM” on 22 September, and recorded 100,000 viewers across 12 live music clubs and 286 theaters with live streams. They released their sixth single “Chilly Chili Sauce” on 14 April, 2021 and will be releasing a Kyushu Earthquake support song, “Tabidachi no maeni” on 28 April.

Message from WANIMA KENTA

We are very happy to provide “WAGOKORO” for wassai at the Tokyo 2020 NIPPON Festival.

Although our life is changing every day, we want to value the Japanese spirit that still flows in Japan.

We want you to feel the harmonious Japanese sound, so we made this song in collaboration with traditional Japanese instrument players.

We would be so grateful if the Japanese harmony created through “WAGOKORO” and wassai reaches everyone all over the world and makes a big “WA”.

Your art pieces can join in wassai!

Illustrations drawn by people around the world will be featured in wassai!

On behalf of the people across the globe who cannot visit Tokyo at this time, imaginary creatures that carry everybody’s thoughts will join wassai to create a big “WA”.

Participation and Interaction

wassai | Concept

Let’s make a big “WA” to unite the world again.

The Olympic and Paralympic Games offer athletes and others - including children - across the world the opportunity to share their cultures with each other. Immerse yourself in the experience at the online wassai festival - a special virtual event where participants can sing in a circle to create memories they will cherish forever.

*The Japanese word ”wa” can be spelled using several different kanji characters, each with a different meaning such as 話 (“talk”), 輪 (”circle”), 環 (“unity”) and 和 (“peace”).

Tokyo 2020 wassai concept movie

wassai|General Director

Komei Sugano


Komei Sugano, started his career as a director of Japan’s “Kosakai kun no Osumashi de” show in 1986. He directed the opening and closing ceremonies of the 12th Asian Games in Hiroshima in 1994 and the Night Festival prior to the FIFA World Cup final in 2002. He has translated and directed Broadway musicals such as Footloose, The Producers and Guys and Dolls, and has recently become an enthusiastic director of original musicals. With his own good taste in musicals and sophisticated pacing, his artistic activities are wide-ranging, including musicals, shows and concerts, as well as exhibitions, large-scale sports events and total productions for amusement parks. His recent works include the musical Finding Mr. Destiny (all 2016-2018 versions), the JET STREAM 50th Anniversary Special Concert, the Tokyo 2020 Official Programme Nihongo de Asobo, the Special Concert in Izumo-Nippon Zukushi, the musical SMOKE (since 2018), and Masayuki Sakamoto’s ONE MAN STANDING 2019 – The Greatest Symphony.


NIPPON is a country of big "WA".

NIPPON is a country where people live peacefully in harmony with one another.

The idea of "WA" have been rooted in us since ancient times.

People in Japan believe that nature - even a small stone - can reflect your thoughts,

and have long valued all of the blessings that come from nature and the world.

Our respect for the connections between people has created "WA" (unity),

the unity has created "WA" (circles),

and the circles have created "WA" (peace).

We want people around the world to understand our values.

We want people across the globe to see them for themselves.

To this end, we decided to hold a festival,

a new online festival where we can connect remotely,

where the world can connect and create an event with peace of mind.

That festival is called "wassai".

Tonight, people around the world will communicate, dance and connect with one another by making a big circle.

The world will be united in one "WA" (circle).

The world can be united in "WA" (peace).

Please join us and help us create this new wassai festival!