Legendary Tamatebako (Treasure Box) Tama Traditional Culture Festival 2021

Near the North Exit of JR Hachioji Station (Nishihoshasen -U- road Ave. Yokoyamacho Park), Hachioji City Art & Cultural Hall, Hachioji Textile Trade Center (Tokyo)
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This festival, which features performances including music, will be based on the following three concepts with collaboration between municipalities in the Tama area and various art and culture organisations. (1) Introduce participants to the traditional culture and performing arts rooted in Tama. (2) Give hands-on experience and inspirations to participants through the combination of new and old and Japanese and Western cultures. (3) Hold events both online and offline so that more people can participate in it easily.

Event Overview


Sat, 29 May 2021 - Sun, 30 May 2021


Near the North Exit of JR Hachioji Station (Nishihoshasen-U-road Ave. Yokoyamacho Park), Hachioji City Art & Cultural Hall, Hachioji Textile Trade Center (Tokyo)


24-1, Honcho, Hachioji City, Tokyo, 192-0066

Hachioji City Art & Cultural Hall


By bus (from the north exit of JR Hachioji station or Keio Hachioji station):A 3-minute walk from the "Yokoyamacho Sanchome" or "Yokamachi Icchome" bus stop


Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture) , Hachioji City, Hachioji College Community & Cultural Fureai Foundation


Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games


Tachikawa Community & Culture Foundation


Tachikawa City, Mitaka City, Fuchu City, Fussa City, Akishima City, Hino City, Higashimurayama City, Komae City, Akiruno City, Okutama Town, Hachioji Federation of Neighborhood Association, The Hachioji Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Hachioji Visitors & Convention Association, Hachioji Federation of Stores Association, Nishihoshasen-U-road Ave.

Corporate support:

Hachioji Textile Industrial Association

Local government support:

Hinode Town, Machida City, Chofu City, Inagi City, Kunitachi City, Musashino City, Musashimurayama City, Mizuho Town, Higashiyamato City, Koganei City, Kokubunji City, Ome City


Advance reservation required. Please apply via the official website.

Ticket Information:

About COVID-19 Measures

This programme will incorporate thorough infection countermeasures. Please check the official website for details.


・Tactile tiles (Nishihoshasen-U-road Ave.)

・Interpreter staff

・Medical staff