YOUSOROU (Keep her Steady) with a Thousand Project “A Thousand Beats from Chiba: One thousand people beating a wadaiko together in 2020” 

Toyosuna Park, Aeon Mall Makuhari New City outdoor stage (Chiba)

Children, adults, visitors from abroad, people with an impairment… Anyone can participate in this cultural programme and everyone can achieve their “personal best”. Traditional Japanese performing arts featuring wadaiko (Japanese drum), shinobue (Japanese bamboo flute) and dance will be performed together by 1,000 performers to the music of “Yousorou”, a song written to encourage the revival of the areas damaged by the earthquake and tsunami. Power and courage will be delivered from Chiba and carried on to the future.

Event Overview


SUN, 10 May.


Toyosuna Park, Aeon Mall Makuhari New City outdoor stage(Chiba)


Executive Committee of the YOUSOROU with a Thousand Project